February 02, 2019 1 min read



In the Power of Yoga
In Circular Economies & Giving back
In the Power of Community & Meaningful Collaborations


Pigeon pose Krista Jerome Bhumi mat by Laty

We BELIEVE in the POWER OF YOGA. We would love to see yoga, meditation, mindfulness practices implemented in (all) schools, prisons and hospitals; and any place where this ancient wisdom can transform lives!


We BELIEVE that in making the RIGHT CHOICES, we contribute to the evolution of our society.


We BELIEVE in the BHUMI MAT. It appeared almost like evidence, we had to do something to try and align the project to the nature of the object itself: Natural, Recyclable, Durable, Renewable, Long lasting. It is how the vision of implementing a “give back” and “take back” program sprouted, with the idea to create circular economies.


We BELIEVE in the POWER OF MEANINGFUL COLLABORATIONS.It is how the idea of creating “give back” yoga classes emerged. We want to grow being surrounded by amazing people. The wonderful friends, teachers and studio owners who are supporting our project are showing their big hearts through their generous contribution with time and space or just spreading the word! We are forever grateful for that!


Klara Bhumi Mat by Laty

We create mindfully designed and timeless products that will last a lifetimewithout compromising beauty or functionality. The Bhumi Mat willimprove any practitioners’ alignement and posture consistency thanks to its designs with specific, low profile visual cues. Additionnally, due to cork’s amazing natural properties, it will provide you the essential grounding energy so important, in our busy daily lives.