February 02, 2019 2 min read

LATY is a brand that creates mindfully and timeless products, aligned with Mother Nature. After several years of practicing Yoga, I started realising that there was a constant in my practice that prevented me from being completely aligned with my values: the mat that I used.

Either I would slip during a posture (so I would get very irritated… alas even if yoga is precisely for that, learning to be equanimous, I still got irritated sometimes ;D), or it would get pretty used up quickly. So I started developing a non-slip and durable yoga mat, that’s the origin of the BHUMI MAT.

The choice of the material came naturally, while traveling in Portugal, I discovered the amazing properties of cork! The ideal material because of its astonishing qualities that are perfectly suited and aligned to the practice of Yoga.



Cork has many properties that make it the perfect companion for anyone who practices yoga, from the beginner, to the intermediate and the more advanced practitioner. But why ?


1 / A durable and environmentally friendly material: considered one of the most durable materials, cork comes from the bark of the cork oak which regenerates naturally throughout its life. A low ecological impact for a mat that lasts in time!


2 / The cork is suitable for all: it is not harmful for your health, and while some persons will not be able to support plastic or synthetic materials used, BHUMI MAT is non-toxic and does not cause allergies. It is recommended for people with asthma and allergies because cork does not absorb dust.


3 / Easy maintenance and odorless: A damp cloth and a neutral soap is enough to bring it back to life, and for those living near the ocean you can even use seawater, your BHUMI will be equally happy. The BHUMI MAT has a ultra soft touch and breathes nature, what else do you expect from a mat?

 BHUMI Mat by LATY Cork Yoga Mat tree


BHUMI Mat by LATY Cork Yoga Mat tree


Do you want to try the BHUMI Cork Mat ?

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