February 02, 2019 3 min read

EXPERIENCE CORK - You want to feel Cork?

The BHUMI Mat is on Pre-order here in the e-shop

You are curious and want to know how it feels like practicing on a cork yoga mat?

Come join us, be the first one to experience the BHUMI mat along with an amazing Yoga teacher in a super nice Studio(in Paris for now).




    In the Power of Yoga
    In Circular Economies & Giving back
    In the Power of Community & Meaningful Collaborations

    Giving back to support great causes; and together aiming the same: spreading yoga and love. Doing good to ourselves to do good to others while shining the light within each of us!
    On donation. Profits will be given to an association.

    This is a collaborative project; teachers and studios have the ultimate decision on which association speaks to their heart.
    Teachers will set the duration of the class (1 hour or 1 hour and a half). And Studios will decide on the percentage (min 50%) to give away to the chosen association (children, prisons, refugees, disempowered).

    Pauline  Bhumi Mat by Laty Kickstarter

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    Bandha Paris - 31, rue Bonaparte 75006 Paris

    Patrick Frapeau, Bandha Yoga and Bhumi Mat for La Cimade


    Yoga Village - 39, boulevard des Capucines 75002 Paris escalier B 1st floor code 7205

    Pauline Laumond, Yoga Village and Bhumi Mat



    Healthy Warriors- 30, rue Carnot 92100 Boulogne

    Mermaid Yogini, Healthy Warriors and Bhumi Mat for Sea Shepherd


    OMM Studio - 12 rue Saint GIlles 75003 Paris

    Bhumi Mat avec Kamel Boukir


    MOB Hotel - 4-6 rue Gambetta 93400 Saint Ouen

    LATY Bhumi Mat Axelle Serial Yogger

    • Saturday March 23rd with Celine Ubico & Katherine Chareonying at 2:30 pm

    Studio Gerard Aranud - 3, Passage Rauch 75011 Paris


    Bhumi Mat avec Celine Ubico et Kat Chareon


    Om Sweet Om - 15, Rue Camille Desmoulins, 75011 Paris


    Bhumi Mat avec Tatiana Orlhac

    LATY Bhumi Mat x Tatiana Orlhac

          Le Wagon - 16, villa Gaudelet 75011 Paris


          Bhumi Mat with Sarou Yogi

          Bhumi Mat with Sarou Yogi

          LATY Bhumi Mat Wagon Sarou Yogi

          • Women's Spirit Festival (March 15th - 17th)

          Come and try our Bhumi Mat during the festival, we will be on site all weekend! Come and find us! We can lend you a Bhumi Mat during a class so you can practice on it and see how it feels like!

          There would be other LATY products as well!

          Hotel de l’Industrie - Place Saint Germain des Prés, Paris

          Friday 15th :16h00 – 21h00

          Saturday 16th : 10h00 – 21h00

          Sunday 17th : 10h00 – 20h00



          Bhumi Mat at Women Spirit Festival

          Cinémorphe - 10, rue Bichat 75010 Paris


          Bhumi Mat with Emilie Leduc

          Yoga Village - 39, boulevard des Capucines 75008 Paris (code 7205 on the left interphone YogaVillage 1st floor) tel:0172345847

          LATY Bhumi Mat Krista Jerome Yoga Village

              • First event Friday February 8th with Cameil at 7:00 pm

              Chez Cameil - 8, rue de Tracy 75002 Paris

              (code 96B47 2nd floor right)

              call if needed: 0607515922

              LATY Bhumi Mat x Chez Cameil