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What does the "Third Eye" mean in the practice of Yoga?

The Third Eye (the ajna chackra) refers tothe doorway that leads to the realms of the higher consciousness.A nod to the "dristhi" in yoga, which represents the fixation of the gaze on different points of the body (nose, navel, third eye, etc ...). These points of eyes refocus the mind, and favor a better concentration. In Sanskrit, "drishti" also means a vision, a point of view, an intelligence or wisdom.

The "Third Eye" is particularly important forthe development of other aspects of Yoga such as dhâranâ (concentration) anddhyâna (meditation).

Finally the right drishtis when correctly set, they make possiblethe alignment of the body in each posture.

The fixation of the eyes on certain points during practice serves as a training technique, and as ametaphor for concentrating one's consciousness towards a vision of unity. It is a technique that helps us to see the divine everywhere and, therefore, to see the world around us correctly: by removing the ignorance that veils true vision.


Who is Nimi, this character who nestles in the creations of Laty?

Nimi is a small character with one eye.

Nimi was the first king of Mithila. The capital was Jayantpura, which becameJanakpur, in Nepal, later. One day Nimi led a Yagya (a ritual practiced in the Vedic period) and invited the wise Vasishtha to be the priest to lead the ceremony. Now the sage had already undertaken to conduct another ceremony at the house of Master Indra. The wise man then told Nimi that he would come to see him once the ceremony was over. Nimi left without saying anything, the priest stayed with the impression that Nimi was in agreement. After the first ceremony, the sage Vasishtha discovered that Nimi had already begun his own. The wise man was in a rage and cast a spell on Nimi:"Let him cease to live in a corporeal form."

Then King Nimi remained without a body.When the ceremony was finished with great success, the gods asked to return his body to the king. Nimi, however declined this vow, and asked to be able to live in the eyes of everyone. The gods accepted andgave it the form of eyelashes (which is present in all beings).

The word Sanskrit for eyelashes is Nimi.

LATY NIMI Ashtanga First Series


I created Nimi with the will toshare the message of Yoga in an playful way. So, I designeda board illustrating the first series of Ashtanga Yoga. For those who want to learn the asanas by heart and their names in Sanskrit.


The Nimi Tote bag was dedicated to Nimi and the values ​​it inspires, and make Laty at the same time.

LATY Nimi Tote Yoga Bag

(Laty acronym forLove | Awakening | Thankfulness | Yoga).

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